Frequently asked questions

Can teams of 2 consist of 1 man and 1 woman?
• Teams must consist of 2 athletes of the same gender

What if I'm not an RX athlete?
• There is a scaled "Weekend Warrior" division just for you

Are there any restrictions to participate?
• You must be 18 years of age to participate by the day of the competition

Will there be "time caps"?
• Yes. Time caps are specified under each event description on the compete page

Will there be a place to warm up?
• Yes. There will be a designated athlete warm up area

What if I can't participate? Is there a way I can contribute?
• Yes. Please visit our volunteer page to join our growing event team!


  1. Athlete 1 fills out contact information, chooses Team Captain and creates a Team Name  

  2. Athlete 1 is responsible for paying all of the team registration fees

  3. Athlete 1 completes registration

  4. Athlete 2 fills out separate registration by choosing "Team Member #2", selects the Team Name created by Athlete 1/Team Captain

  5. Once the team name is selected from drop down list, Athlete 2 will be matched up with Athlete 1/Captain and their purchased events

  6. Athlete 2 completes the remainder of the registration process and checks out for $0.00.

  7. Heat assignments will be emailed to all athletes a minimum of 2-3 days prior to the event.

*Please note, if you are registering for multiple events with different team members, you must register and pay for each event separately.*