Holbrook Descriptions and Standards

10 rounds for time:
5 thruster #115/#75
10 pullups
100m run
*Partners must alternate rounds.

Holbrook 2.0:
10 rounds for time:
5 thruster #95/#65
100m ski erg
100m run
*Partners must alternate rounds.


At the sound of “GO”, Athlete One will begin the first round. After completing 5 thrusters and 10 pullups (100m ski for the Weekend Warriors), the athlete must run the length of their lane, move the chess piece from marker (X) to marker (1) and run back. Once they slap the hand of Athlete Two, the second round may begin. This pattern will cycle until round 10 where the athlete will run down, move the chess piece to marker (10) and finish the workout by running back through the pullup rig and over the timing line. Athlete One may cross the timing line before Athlete Two makes it back. A team’s time will be measured when the last athlete from that team crosses the timing line.

* The tiebreak time for this workout will be recorded when round 5 is completed and the hand slap occurs allowing Athlete Two to start round 6.


A rep begins when the athlete achieves a squat below parallel with the barbell in the front rack. The rep is complete when they have moved up from the bottom of that squat and pressed the bar to a full lockout overhead. Athletes may use a “squat clean” to begin a thruster.

Any style of pullup is allowed, provided that the athlete starts by hanging with arms that are fully extended. To complete a rep, the athlete’s chin must break the horizontal plane of the pullup bar.

Ski Erg
Athletes may adjust the damper on the Concept 2 Ski erg, but they MAY NOT touch the monitor. The monitor will be set to 100m by the judge before the athletes begin skiing.

An athlete may leave the ski erg when all 100m have been skied and the monitor reads 0m

Moving the Chess Piece
When the chess piece is moved forward to the next marker, it must be placed in contact with the piece of tape that is the marker for the upcoming round.

If the chess piece is not on the marker or if the chess piece is knocked over, the athlete will be called back to properly place the piece on the marker before they can finish their run.