Donny Workout Description and Standards

For time:
Deadlift #225/#155
Bar facing burpee

Donny 2.0:
For time:
Deadlift #185/#125
Bar facing burpee


At the sound of “GO”, Athlete One will move from the lane number to the barbell to begin the deadlifts. Once 21 deadlifts are completed, they may begin 21 bar facing burpees. Once 21 burpees are completed, they must move the barbell forward to the next marker (15) where the next round will be performed. The bar must be moved forward for each new round.

One athlete must always be standing on or behind the lane number. Athletes may switch at any time. To switch, there must be a hand slap between the athlete on the lane number and the athlete returning from the barbell.

When the final set of 21 burpees is completed, the athletes will finish by running back through the pullup rig and over the timing line. One athlete may cross the timing line before the other athlete makes it back. A team’s time will be measured when the last athlete from that team crosses the line.

* The tiebreak time for this workout will be recorded when the first set of 9 bar facing burpees is completed.



These will be “conventional” deadlifts (the hands outside of the knees). Sumo deadlifts are NOT allowed. The bar must be lifted from the floor to a standing position where the knees and hips are fully extended and the athletes head and shoulders are behind the vertical plane of the barbell. Athletes may perform touch and go reps, but any perceived intentional “bouncing” of the bar off the floor will result in a “No Rep”.

The athlete must have at least part of a foot in contact with the tape marker that identifies the set of deadlift they are performing for their reps to count.

Bar Facing Burpee
Each rep begins with the athlete facing their barbell and dropping their body to the ground. The thighs and chest must both make contact with the ground and the head MAY NOT be over the bar. The athlete must then rise from the floor and jump over the barbell. A TWO FOOT TAKEOFF MUST BE PERFORMED ON THE JUMP OVER THE BAR. Any single foot takeoffs or stepping over the bar will be met with a “No Rep”. The athlete must have their feet within their lane lines throughout the entire rep, contact with the lane lines will result in a “No Rep”.  Any “No Rep” for any reason will require that the athlete restarts the rep in question on the same side of the barbell that the rep was originally attempted.